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    Wednesday, December 17th, 2014
    7:50 am
    Saturday, August 23rd, 2014
    10:23 am

    New Netflix TV show recommendation! BoJack Horseman, for those that have Netflix it's original series that came out yesterday. It's quite funny and clever. It stars a has-been anthropomorphic horse actor along with many more anthropomorphic animal characters. Dex and I decided to give it a chance and caught some shows earlier today and it seems like winner here! We are trying to save them and make the series last by not to killing the entire series off in a day.

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    Tuesday, July 15th, 2014
    1:09 pm
    Raccoons are still out and about, seen here. As long as crazy cat lady neighbor keeps feeding feral cats the more these coons eat. We thought it was a single one until this morning. Also, I have lost count of how many dead kittens/ pieces of carcasses she and the other neighbor have found since June 3rd. It's easily over a dozen now. Thankfully not inside our yard. To be honest, I'm starting to like having these around as I have not seen so many annoying cats as before around the house along with their bunch of cat crap they left all over the place! ;)

    I saw this bunch of 5 raccoons outside the window this morning. It's the most I have ever seen at once. Well, I had not seen even one before since moving here 5 years ago except on the security camera footage that showed the cat killing in June. I guess we call this natural pest control :)

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    Monday, June 9th, 2014
    12:43 pm
    Killer racoon is still out and about
    I posted about a killer cat raccoon a few days back. Well, our next door neighbor saw a cat death in her porch the same night as we did. She saw a half eaten kitten (middle up) and the next morning she saw a cat with it's rear leg chewed up like ground beef. later in the middle of the day she heard a commotion, she caught the raccoon in the middle of taking away one of the feral kittens she feeds. She saw what happened, chased it for half a block but it ran fast. According to her story. As the raccoon ran he dropped the kitten and got it again as it was being chased. The raccoon dropped it and it went into a house.

    She mentioned days ago that a cat she takes care of also got it's leg chewed. It sounded terrible. Well, yesterday morning Dex was doing yard work and the most awful scene appeared. It was a large black and white cat with its rear right leg all chewed out and very disgusting looking. Dex was really thinking the cat would die in our yard. I chased it away with a metal stick. The thing hissed and acted quite aggressive. I told Dex to get out while I did this. We did not want to deal with another dead cat again in our property.

    I knew this was one of the neighbor's cats. I told Dex, he called her but she did not answer. 30 minutes later I went to her house to tell her, I saw her on the entryway of her house. I told her what I saw and low and behold the same injured cat creeped out of her BMW car. I said! I wanted to tell you about your cat! The raccoon got it last night, I'm sorry. She was indifferent. Really, this black and white cat has been her favorite since we moved in in 2009. She just shrugged it off and being so cavalier said "I saw the cat injured a week ago, *all real quotes from her here* "I just poured hydrogen peroxide on it's leg" I've been keeping it away from dying in my front walkway/home I have been chasing it away but it still comes to my house. "It's full of flies, I want to keep flies off my walkway". "I don't want it to die here (in my house)".

    OK! What the EF" seriously? your feral cat and the dozens of them you feed and take care of, you don't want them to die in your house? We have had to deal with her disgusting dead cats, their shit and piss since moving in. Like the one who is missing 1/4 of it's leg for an effin' week and that's what you say? The damned cat has been suffering like that? I really was damned pissed off that that cat was suffering like that for a whole week. Some people should not do this, take care of feral cats. Dex and I are angry!

    This woman should not be feeding feral cats in her house. She currently has a pregnant cat in her alcove. Weeks ago we had problems with her newborn cats in our house.

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    Thursday, June 5th, 2014
    6:34 pm
    That's LA!!!!!!111! :)
    Super cool time-lapse video of scenes from Los Angeles.

    City Lights from Colin Rich on Vimeo.

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    Wednesday, June 4th, 2014
    6:10 am
    I always thought racoons were such nice animals
    But they really are evil vicious creatures. We have been having problems with feral cats having their litters around the house, to make a long story short. after getting home late last night at around 10.00 PM dexter_fox and I got off my car and he saw something in the house's entryway.

    What we saw really was the most horrific, disgusting gruesome scene ever. There was the carcass of a grey kitten chewed up all the way to the spinal cord and the cat's entrails, internal organs guts and even pieces of broken kitten bones a few feet away, the only thing that remained was its little kitten head and tail. Upon seeing this, Foxie freaked out and called the cops as this was right in the middle of the walkway as one enters the house. He thought some demented individual gave us a nasty surprise. We went into the house and meanwhile Dex inspected the security camera video and the culprit was a large raccoon that did it's deed at 8.30 PM.

    I took many pictures but as I say, this gory scene was right out of a very bad horror movie. These will never be shown. Dex called 911 again to cancel the police call reporting this, it only took 20 minutes to get through 911 as all the operators were busy. After this we had to clean up. I had to do it by wrapping my hand in 10 plastic bags and almost lost my lunch nonstop for 3 minutes picking up the remains to throw away in the garbage can. Dex hosed down the entryway last night. I may have to hose it down more today.

    My idea of raccoons has changed.


    We also had a great weekend with our bestest friends, sabotlours and carol_kitty this weekend. Now I'm seeing what folks were complaining about a few weeks ago. This new el-jay look/interface sucks.

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    Friday, April 25th, 2014
    7:58 am
    Funny news.

    I don't know what to say except, LOL! LOL! LOL!

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    Thursday, March 20th, 2014
    5:55 pm
    Wedding Prep.

    As mah' Foxieh' has mentioned many times already. We have been making preparations for our wedding for friends and family coming up in August. Yesterday we went to a food tasting and meeting/agreeing with vendors for August. We met a heck of a lot of cool people who made us feel welcome and were eager to help us. It's a huge thing considering that the wedding will take place in the heart of Ronald Reagan country. The bastion of WASP'S. Newport Beach, CA. So cool to live in progressive California!

    We made many preliminary arrangements. It was a bit amusing that many vendors were a a lot new to the idea of same sex marriages, but they were friggin' cool. We booked an officiant, photographer, baker, and DJ. Again, the gay wedding stuff is relatively new and these folks really made us feel welcome. We also stuffed ourselves with tons of Hors d'oeuvres and main course meal tasting. Believe it or not I was stuffed midway. The massive amounts of foodage which was also awesome too by the way reminded us of the last cruise we took. The 50 mile trip in the infamous Los Angeles traffic was sure worth it! ;)

    And more preparations. This is our wedding cake topper! Custom made for Al Bear and Dexter Fox. Do you like? It was made by a seller from Washington State. I found her via Ebay I really think she's a closet furry basing my belief on the stuff she sells there. The Al Bear and Dexter Fox figure was totally custom ordered. We had about 20 email exchanges about details. The seller is pamkins,

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    Monday, March 3rd, 2014
    9:37 am
    The most memorable event of the weekend. As Dex mentioned we hit arts and craft stores on Sunday to look for materials for constructing our wedding centerpieces. We had to go to Downtown L.A. on an errand. We had to kill time before so I mentioned to Dex about an arts and crafts place I remembered from when I was a youngun' with my grandmother. in the early 1980's

    I looked up the name I remembered and remembered the street name too. So, I mentioned it to Dex and he agreed. We dealt with downtown LA traffic, idiot drivers and some rain. As we were approaching the street where this business is I took a wrong left turn against Dex's wishes, he was navigating with our olde-timey GPS, the bear mobile's back-up GPS, the paper book city map.

    I thought I was right so I took a left turn on a normal street but then we saw that we were the only car driving on it. There were 10,000 tents on either side of the street with tons of shopping carts full of junk, tons of garbage in the street, hundreds of people sitting on the sidewalks and the same number meandering in the middle of the street. Yes, meandering in the middle of the street as I said!

    Needless to say, I double checked the locks on the car, and I just drove s-l-o-w-l-y around this long block. I was scared as hell, I tried not to show that to Dex but damn! I really was. The scene freaking looked like the TV show, The Walking Dead. Dozens of people walking across and perpendicular to the street. I really felt like gunning it and getting the hell out of there ASAP! but I thought it may annoy the locals. Or if I hit someone we'll be really messed-up. So I didn't make any eye contact and kept driving slowly and forward.

    Sabot, when I took a wrong turn at the LA County Jail the last time you came and I was also scared as hell, that was nothing! I kid you not.
    Saturday, February 22nd, 2014
    1:49 pm
    Beautiful 114 year old furry art!

    I just saw this piece of art today by the British Illustrator Harry B. Neilson (b. 1861 - d. 1941) This one created in 1900 titled "Mr. Fox's hunt Breakfast". I absolutely fell in love with it! Posters of it are sold at many places online. We're picking one up to frame it and hang it on the wall at the Domain.

    The highest resolution copy I have found online is here, behind the el-jay-cut if you'd like to see or yoink! ;)--->
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    Monday, December 9th, 2013
    12:34 pm

    I saw Disney's 1973 movie Robin Hood for the very first time ever last night. But before this at the Domain, a TV commertial for J.C. Penney came up on TV. The commertial was singing a knockoff of the song I absolutely despise/hate/want it to go to the 19th level of hell, "Feliz Navidad" by that blind son of a bitch, Feliciano. I hate that effin' song with a passion! it's not a song at all!

    Well, to get me off this track. Anyway. dexter_fox Foxie being the good foxie husband he is started singing this crap when I changed the channel to avoid the feliz navidad bullist. To annoy him back, I played for him the song he absolutely hates, The Hampster Dance song! *Mu ha ha ha ha* I just looked, this is one of my oldest MP3's from 2000!!!! I first saw it was in a TV commercial in 1997 for an early ISP, EarthLink. showing gifs of rotating hamsters and mice.

    He hated it and we called a truce.

    But when we went to bed, we fired up Netflix on the Google Chromecast The thing they were advertising at the moment was the Disney Robin Hood movie. I told dexter_fox I had never seen it before. He was very incredulous but I affirmed my statement. I really had never seen it before! Well, after the incredulity stopped we started to see it. And at the very first part I heard that tune that the foxie hates. I was all giggly, ask Dex. He wasn't giggly at all. :P

    So, yes. this is my admission. I'm a bad bear. All of this is true!

    I have shown Dex a TV show from the 80's too that he has started to like. I'll leave it up to him to write about it.

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    Thursday, October 24th, 2013
    10:26 am
    I hate to be the albear news aggregator but I couldn't resist this story.

    Yes, I used to be terrible. You could have called me the AlBear Post. But I just saw this on the news this morning, --->

    Which terribly reminded me of this, ----> They actually showed it on TV many times on those newfangled music video TV shows. I caught it in 81' when I was 9. And I still remember it very well. :)

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    Tuesday, March 26th, 2013
    11:07 am

    Wow, I have noticed that I too don't post as much here. But when I do, I try to make it worthwile. :P *kidding* Anyway, the reason for the post is because dexter_fox has been doing 99.9% of the posts around here. So I now have to step in.

    Yesterday evening Dex was rooting around Netflix for a comedy movie to watch instantly. We saw tons of things that did not belong in the category. So he kept looking and saw something interesting looking. It was a comedy movie called, FDR American Badass! (Preview here on Youtube)------>

    OMG! it really was a terrible low budget movie that was so bad it was good, if you liked Airplane! we are pretty sure you'll like this one. It has the same kind of stupid humor. It kept us laughing nonstop until it gave us stomach pains. When I read about this film I saw that the main actor was also in The Rocky Horror Picture Show no, I have never seen that. Maybe one of these years.

    But anyway, if you have Netflix check this thing out, you really have nothing to lose. :P

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    Thursday, February 7th, 2013
    6:27 am

    Hey all, Please disregard spam email messages coming from my email address that went out early this morning. I think my email address got compromised or something. I was lucky to have been able to catch this early and change my password about 30 minutes after I noticed that. I also ran a virus scan on my PC.

    Again, apologies for this.

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    Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013
    6:32 pm

    My name this past FC! And this was my 12th consecutive FC in a row! Man, I'm getting friggin' old! :P This year only dexter_fox, sabotlours and I were con roomies. We really missed carol_kitty this year. She usually helps with dealing with two crude bears, poor Dex had to handle a double dose of Sabot and I :P

    This year's FC totally rawked! It was friggin' awesome! it was a difference between night and day compared to last year. It was so damned cool to see many old furends and meeting new ones. Below is the only badge for this year, I was Al Beer this year thanks to brownwolf. I lived up to the name, I must say.

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    Friday, January 4th, 2013
    5:46 pm
    What to do with your used bacon grease.

    I was washing dishes the other day when I noticed our jar of retirement bacon grease near the sink. It was solid and it made me think. What if I got some paper, scrunched it up in the form of a wick and jammed it in there. Well, you get this! The trashiest candle in history!

    The friggin' thing worked! Its made of an old jelly jar, solidified bacon grease and paper. It also puts out a scent of bacon to boot! I burned it for about 15 minutes and the paper wick friggin' lasted that long and used up very little bacon fat! Plus its bright too. :P

    *More pictures behind el-jay-cut if you'd like to see* ---> Read more...Collapse )

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    Tuesday, November 20th, 2012
    6:18 pm


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    Friday, November 16th, 2012
    2:38 pm
    I don't understand this

    Seriously, I don't. Why the hell do people use that crap service/website called Instagram to purposefully make their digital photos look crappy? No, they don't look cool, they look like crap! Jesus H. Christ. I should invent a website that makes your music sound degraded like its being played trough an Edison Gramophone wax cylinder with more noise than actual music. Seriously, this instagram thing is not cool it's stupid.

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    Saturday, November 10th, 2012
    9:06 am
    Red Fawks Footed Pajamas for Dex!

    While dexter_fox were at Target yesterday we walked past these! OMG! I told Dexie that he should get some, I saw his smile but he said no

    and kept walking. So I walked I swear he must have gotten embarrassed because there were two Target workers next to them. So I went back to the rack and picked out the largest size they had. Honey bear don't give a damn! :P I got the biggest size they had, XXL.

    We got home and they fit perfectly! And they're so cute too. :) *More pictures behind el-jay-cut if you'd like to see* ---> Read more...Collapse )

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    Tuesday, November 6th, 2012
    8:37 pm

    I feel proud to be an American tonight. And I feel great to have our President for another 4 years to repair the damage of bush 2000-2008 If you want to unfriend me for my opinion. Please, go ahead!

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